Sales Development Services
That Drive New Revenue

Sellerate helps B2B SaaS and technology organizations build pipelines through a playbook based on research, prospecting, and opportunity development.

What We Do

We partner with both technology leaders and startups in providing the same care, attention, and expertise needed to help them connect with new buyers, build long-term demand, and accelerate time-to-revenue.


Target accounts and contact data sourcing with the latest real-time tools and methodology


Done-for-you meetings with qualified customer via multi-channel, scalable, personal engagement


Incremental lift in qualified pipelines and revenue through outbound success

Who We Work With

Over 30 companies across B2B SaaS and technology have turned to Sellerate to support their marketing and business development teams. Our multilingual sales development reps continue to transform organizational sales motions by driving insights to every business that can’t be replicated in-house.

The Sellerate team has exceeded our expectations and continues to deliver with exceptional leadership and innovative strategies aligned to Lily AI's revenue growth. We look forward to continued growth of our strategic partnership in alignment to Lily AI's GTM and market expansion initiatives.

Pete Lee SVP of Sales, Lily AI

Sellerate have proved that they can understand Velo3D's value proposition, our unique differentiation, and business model, and use all this to conduct an extremely intelligent conversation with both Outbound and Inbound contacts. Sellerate has changed the trajectory of Velo3D.

Benny Buller CEO at Velo3D

Sellerate has built out and ramped up our SDR team with amazing hires who understand and implement the latest among fast changing prospecting strategies. The best thing is that Sellerate's team has fully integrated culturally into our team creating a level of trust that is essential to scaling our success.

Saket Saurabh CEO at Nexla

Sellerate has transformed our sales motion. Since we started working with them, they've taken ownership of prospecting with a unique initiative driven by their dedicated SDRs. With complete data sourcing and research their team lays out solid groundwork to support multi-channel, personalized outreach.

Nicola (Nick) Sanna CEO at RiskLens
    An image depicting where and how Sellerate supports Sales, Marketing, and Channel teams with their package of sales development services

    Taking Ownership of Sales Development

    Using advanced market research Sellerate allows you to focus on the negotiation by providing expertise in the first stages of the sales cycle. We do this by becoming experts in your ICP, value proposition, and target market to execute multi-channel, multi-touch, outbound campaigns.

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