B2B tech sales development

as a service.

Sellerate is redefining the outbound motion in B2B tech sales with white-glove service.

Combining data, tech, & people

Sellerate owns the sales development process. With the right team, tools, and data, we'll help you drive revenue with qualified opportunities.

Outbound sales teams embedded within your organization

With experience across different segments, verticals, and locations, our teams bring a vision and understanding of markets that can’t be replicated in-house.

Our people are our greatest testament to success. 

Sellerate by the numbers


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We're writing our story, one opportunity at a time.

In 2017, our team of just 3 embarked on a journey to master the art of B2B sales development. Little did we know this path would lead us to help technology leaders worldwide land high-value deals with their ICP.

Initially supporting one cybersecurity company out of Redwood City, we’ve since built and managed more than 45 SDR teams for B2B SaaS and technology providers.

Today, all our partners are partners because they heard of our success with other companies. They reached out to us. We’re proud of the story people share about Sellerate and stand by the principle of working hard to deliver quality service before anything else.

How do we take care of our partners?

We ensure they’re well cared for by deploying the best, most up-to-date practices in B2B sales and staffing the right people to run them. Sellerate exists because of the talented people who come to work each day ready to support our partners through innovation, dedication, and a carefully managed playbook.

Flexible yet grounded by our values.


Our account teams immerse themselves within our clients ecosystem and provide 1 on 1 tailored support.


We grow together through transparent communication and shared experiences.


Providing the resources, support, and space for our team to excel in their roles.


Experimenting and testing through iterative processes to reach our goals. We believe quality is a product of consistent practice.


We frequently and thoroughly review our most efficient processes to ensure quality service.

All around the world

An international company at its heart, Sellerate calls more than 7 countries home. However, these are where some of our biggest teams work.