An outbound use case for every kind of solution

Simplify your outbound process with 3 unique approaches to driving revenue.

Find opportunity and move confidently toward revenue goals

Outbound sales development comes in many different shapes and sizes. Sellerate makes filling your pipeline easy with use cases specifically designed to uncover opportunities.


Save time and leave the sales development process to us. By conducting personalized, multi-channel outreach we land within a target account to create a predictable pipeline and grow revenue.


Generate better marketing ROI with outbound outreach that drives attendance to events. Registrants and attendees are entered into follow-up and nurture campaigns to lay the groundwork for a pipeline of business opportunities that stays full well into the future.


Confirm a market fit and get increased insight into the right verticals for your solution with outbound that validates an ICP. Let us handle the process so you can grow faster and more efficiently.


Outbound sales development is the first stages of the sales cycle. It owns the process of research, prospecting, and outreach to cold leads with the goal of entering them into the sales pipeline.

An event campaign is an outbound sales campaign that targets leads with invitations to a marketing event. This kind of campaign often includes nurture cadences that follow-up with warm leads generated from the event.

B2B market intelligence gives companies greater insight into which markets are a fit for their product or solution. At its heart, market intelligence is a process that looks to confirm the ICP of an organization.

Save money while driving revenue

Drop us a line to see which use case is best for you and start building your pipeline today.