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SDR Americas

Remote | Argentina

SDR Americas

Remote | Colombia

SDR Poland

Remote | Poland

Sales Ops

Remote | Argentina

Administrative Assistant

Remote | Argentina

Account Manager

Remote | Argentina

I’ve always been fascinated with different cultures and how they entwine in the business world. Sellerate has given me the opportunity to explore this curiosity and build long lasting relationships with colleagues and clients.

Gabriela Haber Senior SDR

Sellerate changed my life completely! Of course, the flexibility of home or office is very comfortable but beyond that, Sellerate's culture taught me that our wellbeing and mental health always come first. They always support our dreams in and outside of work.

Alex Giraldo Account Manager

They say 1/3 of our lives is spent at work, so I’ve always valued companies that prioritize a friendly environment and foster a team-orientated work ethic. Most Sellerate members are ADRs. We all aim for the same goals and face similar challenges, and that’s forged a unique work culture within our company built on trust and mutual collaboration.

Naomi Pusterla Account Manager

Being a Tech-savvy salesperson, it was always important for me to work for a company which values the modern way of conducting business and supports personal and professional growth. Sellerate gives me the opportunity to work in today’s world driven by technology and helps me develop crucial skills to be successful in my role as an SDR.

Michal Stępień SDR
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    With our Learning & Development program, we want Sellerate to be fertile ground to invest in your future and develop your professional growth.

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    Help amazing companies become more successful

    Be part of some of the best SaaS & Tech companies’ success! Work seamlessly with their sales and marketing teams to help accelerate their sales processes.

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    Thrive in an inclusive and diverse environment

    Become part of our multi-cultural, multi-lingual team, meeting and learning from people from all over the world with a variety of different backgrounds.

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